Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Men and Confusion

I've come to realize that men and confusion are synonymous in my life. Somebody call AT&T at 6-1-1 because all I'm getting these days are mixed signals; something I'm not particularly fond of. If they like me, they stalk me and give me the creeps. If they don't like me, I take it extremely personal. If they play games I get vindictive, and the rest of it I'm just at a loss of words for.

Five star Good-for-nothing-&-gorgeous strikes again. I think I mentioned in yesterday's post that he made the mistake of texting me as though he hadn't ditched me on Friday night... Well...This afternoon he made the SAME faux-pas! It's taking so much resistance from me not to respond back to him saying "Hey, how do I unsuscribe from your annoyingly vague text messages?" or "I had a great time Friday night! Looking forward to being stood up by you again!" (Must give credit where it is due, my friend Rachel came up with that when we should've been studying matrices in Finite Math).

Honestly! Does G.F.N.&.G think he's going to get by solely on his looks? He's pretty- but not pretty enough to stand me up. ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY not. I refuse. And I certainly won't give him another opportunity to do it.

In the mean time, Crookers must be too busy doing what he does best (being a Crook) to be too concerned about texting me or calling me... Another WTF moment. Last week, he was telling me he loves me, this weekend we were kissing in public, and now what?! I must beg for attention? Are these dudes out of their mind?! Only Blair will really understand what I'm about to say but "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!"

My 7-11 stalker also hasn't contacted me, which is truly amazing. I have to be honest, I am truly grateful that we were both pretty much drunk when I gave him my number this time---I'm pretty sure my dyslexia comes on full-force when I'm drinking and I must have switched around the digits a bit. Or maybe he just took the hint when I told him that "I'm just not that kind of girl." as I flashed my left hand in front of his face. It's not a card I like to play often- I don't want to make a show of my values or morals, but I mean DANG! Some dudes are just grimey, and you literally have to spell it out for them. Horrendous.

All in all, this is a rather uneventful week for Little Miss Single. Bummer. The one guy who I want attention from is not ignoring me per se, but not giving me the same attention I was getting a week ago, and the guy who I've lost 99.9% of respect for now wants my undivided attention.

WHAT, EXACTLY is the deal here?!

That's how I feel about that.

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