Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Yo Face!

Probably one of the hardest parts of living where I live (suburban small-town New Jersey. yikes!) is that you know everyone. And if you happen to meet someone new, you probably have heard of them, or know someone who knows someone who's at least heard of them. There are no surprises and there is no mystery that a high school year book cannot resolve. It's not just my town either- all of the surrounding towns have the same issue, and when we mix, its basically one big show of Guess Who?!

So how exactly does one go about meeting new people in a town this small? You don't. I mean there's always going to be "that guy" that you never spoke to before, or maybe he's never been single when you were, etc. But for the most part, you know who you know and that's about it. It's depressing! You can't even form your own opinion of the person you're dating because before you even had your first phone conversation, you'd heard something about him or her that was unfavorable. You practically wince when you walk into the movies, because you see about 10 different people who you have to say "hello" to- this usually includes at least an ex-hookup. Or, if you're really lucky like me, you'll end up tipsy at Friday's after a company party only to run into the piece of crap who hurt you last, pouring his every bit of attention on his ex (who you got dumped for). God forbid you make any bad decisions, because then you my friend, are S.O.L in this town! You can't even lie (or at least it would be silly to) because there are so many people who know the truth.

Sometimes it's difficult for me to fathom that there are even smaller towns out there. My town isn't even that small- maybe I'm biased to think so. The problem is that theres no real way to escape it. When I'm at work, I can encounter at least 1-2 people a day whom I've previously dated or been interested in. When I'm out with my friends, I can encounter countless guys- but they're all the same; I've been there, done that, and this is where it's gotten me! At the gym? FORGET IT! First of all how anyone can become attracted to me seeing me on my cardio half-hour is b e y o n d me, and second of all, even if I don't know them I can tell you about them within about 2 minutes of conversation. BORING. Stupid, boring, small town.

Still in hopes that Mr. Smalltown might not be a total dickwad...

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