Monday, February 23, 2009

Ironically Enough

When I started this blog it was because I wanted to help women realize that they didn't have to get caught up in craptastic relationships (such as I have in the past). What I ended up doing was writing up an entire play-by-play of the last 6 years of my life since my first ever boyfriend. My friends and co-workers always tease me that my relationships alone would constitute a rather dramatic talk show or reality show. I have to agree. I'm sorry if my blog isn't as much helpful as it may be (somewhat) entertaining. 

Before I get any further into this, I'd like to explain why I run my blog the way I do:
1- I come from a relatively small-town and am notorious for having numerous stalkers. 
2- Blake is not my real name, and I refuse to blog under my real name for reason #1.
3- Majority of the people I will be mentioning will have code names for a one very simple reason:I'd be mortified if I knew they found out I was blogging about them. I mean, I always accuse guys of being creepy...I'm definitely the creeper in this situation
4- I have some interesting life issues (immigration, mostly) which make me want to remain as anonymous as humanly possible.
5- I've read too many articles about people not getting JOBS over something they've posted on the internet. I don't want to be one of those people!

With all that said, here's a little background about me.
-The nickname Blake stems from Blake Lively. Supposedly, I'm sort of like her character on Gossip Girls? Who knows?
-I'm 20 years old and I live in suburban New Jersey. 
-I was born and raised in a teenyy tiny Canadian suburb, but my heart belongs to the USA
-I grew up on the Jersey shore, and New York City is my home away from home
-I'm a fashion merchandising (soon to be Marketing and Communications) major and I am currently waiting to hear back from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.
-I'm quite the fan of country music
-I have one older sister, and come from a tight-knit family- I'm a daddy's girl the same way Miley Cyrus is with her daddy, and same thing with my Mom. My sister is an amazing woman, and we're way too much alike.
-I appear to be  very cold and heartless. I rarely ever cry and I've been compared to a Barbie doll. On the inside, I am a big blubbering baby.
-When it comes to relationships I can be a needy, annoying, nagging, desperate girlfriend. It's something I hate so much about myself that I'm trying desperately to change. 
- I don't drive (thanks to immigration issues) and it makes it hard to be as independent as I would like to be.
-I am extremely driven despite the obstacles which have been set forth in front of me and I frankly don't care how many lemons life hands me, I'll ask for limes instead and pop open a bottle of tequila.
-I never met a problem alcohol, duct tape, or a quick mile run couldn't fix. Kidding! Sort of.
-I ignore problems. For example, relationships are currently the last problem I should be thinking of, but it's so minor to everything else going on in my life that it's easier to blog about the less-important stuff. I enjoy writing and I don't want to write about things that wear me out. Does that make sense?
-I tend to idealize the men I date. It's so bad.
-I have always settled for less than I deserve and again, it's something I'm trying desperately to get away from.
-I dont think I'm particularly funny but at this moment my sister is crying laughing at me. Go figure.
-After this I will post an obscure photo of myself, at least so you have some sort of idea as to who I am...

I have to publish this now, before I become delirious.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Smart girl you are to stay anonymous - especially with stalkers - yikes! And I can so relate to "ignoring problems" on your list. :)