Friday, February 6, 2009

How do I do this?

How am I so hot and cold? It's one of the things I hate the most in a guy, so why am I like that?

I've been talking to this guy- I fall asleep thinking of him, talk about him all day, and last night when I dreamt of him I realised it wasn't the first time. It certainly SEEMS like I'm into him. He's handsome, sweet, and a gentleman. So what's the issue?

Truthfully I couldn't tell you. Lately I feel that I have a hard time letting others in on my life. I've been playing hermit and it's not doing me much good. He nailed it on the head too, the first time we hung out. He was nervous and said I was hard to read. That's not me. I've never been the mysterious type. I'm so afraid of having a mistep or being hurt that I'm not even being myself! I keep telling myself maybe this is the RIGHT way because my past never led me to a good place before, but I'm petrified.

I barely know this person and I'm already judging him by others' standards. I think I complicate things more than I should by not taking peoples words at face value- I'm always looking for the underLYING meaning- always expecting the worst. I expect men to treat me badly therefore I attract their worst traits, I may as well have a stamp on my forhead which reads : HURT ME PLEASE!!!

I suppose it comes down to the fact that my faith in humanity has been dramatically reduced by the clowns I've dated both in the past and recently. I'm petrified of "taking things slow" because some stupid book put it in my head that a guy who really likes you will be all over you. That's what I get for treating "he's just not that into you" as my dating bible.

Correct me if I'm wrong: a guy who you text with everyday, who tells you he's thinking of you, and wants to see you again soon, is into you.

So how do I manage to convince myself he's not? Because he takes a little longer to respond to my texts? Because we haven't set a date and time for the second date? I'm either pathetic, losing my mind, or a little bit of both!

Reasons why Blake hates dating!!!

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