Saturday, February 14, 2009


Monopoly. Guess who? Mall madness. Payday. Life. Nintendo 64. Game boy. UNO. I used to love games when I was a kid. Who wouldve guessed I would grow up to hate them so much?

Remember the one where you would attach one cup to another using string and use it as a phone line? I once begged my parents for my own personal line (which I didn't receive until my first mobile when I was 15). I never wouldve imagined in a million years that I would resent the telephone so much.

Technology has done so little for dating. With the exceptions of dating websites (which contrary to popular belief often fail) I think all of the social networking creates difficulty in relationships. Think of it:
A) Is it convenient or just another way for them to manage the many people they're already talking to? If a guy wants to make you a priority does he call you? How often? What if he's busy, what if you're busy?
B) It enables us to make excuses for people... He doesn't have service in Wyoming, that girl just has a crush on him. Nevermind the incriminating photos- he explained them already!
C) Drama, drama, drama- if I had a dollar for each time I had a platonic friend who's girlfriend despises me; I wouldn't need to work. These girls have no idea who I am and judge me. They create a problem of me without so much as seeing my profile.

The problem with technology is that it's so impersonal. I mean really there's a big difference between a voicemail which says "hiya Blake just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you." and a text that says the SAME exact thing. For all I know, I could be just another name on your mass text message list.

It's also like permanently being stuck in a time warp: just how long DID it take him to respond to your last text? You'll have to wait just as long, if not longer! Anything less and you'll surely appear desperate! Didn't hear from him for 2 days? You have two choices: either wait 3 days to text him (must not be outdone) or delete his phone number! With all the excuses you're capable of making up for him, you'll be able to talk yourself out of it. Besides, you can always myspace him, right? Technology leads to obession- the unhealthy kind!

Take it from someone who knows. This blog is brought to you from my iPhone which is also equipped with facebook, myspace, and aol instant messenger. I can also receive emails, just in case you're really desperate to reach me. Fear not, I check them all furiously throughout the day!

I need an intervention.

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