Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey Wise Guys

Coming straight to you from the mind that is Blake. This is something that may shock you guys, but for me it's something I think all guys should be open-minded to, and realize. Are you ready?

Here it is: Women have options, we don't have to date you. We Choose to.

I know, it's such a concept it's almost inconceivable. After all, you make us go through the chase, you keep us hanging on a string- you boys- you play these games. Did it ever occur to you, that we could easily give up and find someone new, if we wanted to? I know, it seems unlikely. But we don't NEED or HAVE to date you. If you're going to put us through the games, you'd better hope you're worth it, or we're both gonna end up mighty frustrated.

Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, I'm your typical future (read: marriage) obsessed woman. I'm twenty, and every time my heart beats I hear my biological clock ticking away. Why? Because I'm realistic and I know that even if I met "The One" today (or have I? who knows!) it would take time and effort to build something that is marriage-worthy. Observe a timeline if you will:
All things considered, why on Earth do you think I would waste my time dating a guy who plays games: Doesn't call when he says he wills, cancels plans, etc. I wouldn't and that (above) is why! Because I can't be bothered to waste my life away waiting for someone to wake up and see what a wonderful and deserving person I am. Am I saying you have to profess your love to me right away? Absolutely not. But I will tell you this, and if you get nothing else from this entry remember this much:
If it's not you, it will be someone else.
It took me the longest time to accept that. I've always wanted to find true love, to be able to develop something with that special guy for years before we get engaged, or married, whatever. I've always wanted a solid foundation. If I don't think I'm going to find it in you, I have no worries about saying goodbye and finding the next guy who I think will have more to offer. It sounds bad, but really guys do it too- you wouldn't date someone who you're not physically attracted to, neither would we. But women are always looking for something more. We notice things other than just looks and lame sexual innuendos; we are observant creatures. And if we observe you acting like a tool you better believe you just got NEXTED.
Love always,

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