Sunday, February 15, 2009

F*ck the Frauds

I promise, after I let this out I will get back to being positive and working towards goals for myself. Until then, I have to say this: F*ck the frauds! Truly these people are everywhere.  Think outside of yourself for a moment...Wall Street? Frauds! Big pharmaceutical companies? Frauds! Dermatologists who push SPF 50 in the winter months? Frauds! The government? Frauds! Anyone who is in a POWER POSITION in this life to f*ck over people ultimately does. Don't kid yourself. The world is full of frauds. If you're honest enough with yourself, you might realize that even you're a little bit fraudulent. I know, I'm honest enough with myself to be aware- I never said I was perfect, after all! 

I mean really, why should frauds be any different in the realm of relationships? You are what you are, right. And I mean, it is what it is. "Insurance fraud is intentional lying or concealment by policyholders to obtain payment of an insurance claim that would not otherwise be paid." Think about it. How many times have you dated a guy or girl who you have invested in (emotionally, physically, maybe even financially) and you find yourself getting the shaft? I mean, if they didn't fool you into thinking that they're such a grand person- you would never have invested that much in them to begin with! You'd have saved yourself the heartache right? But be real. This is not your fault. You can't control the fact that people are assholes. The only thing you can do is accept it. There is no way for you to know when someone is lying or embellishing the truth. When you meet someone, it's so easy to get wrapped up in what you THINK you're seeing that you forget to seek the truth.

We always say it is what it is. A fork is just that- a fork. It is, what it is, which is exactly what it is. Go with your gut- if you think he's  a player. A player is a player, which is exactly what it is- a player. Same thing with broads. A ho, is a ho, is a ho. You can't change people. 

If perception is truly reality- then maybe the frauds aren't the ones to blame. Maybe frauds are very open about their fraudulent ways and we don't want to see them for what they are. We idealize people to see who we want to see, not what they really are. Yeah- your girls pretty, she's sweet, she's everything but hold up- did you say "shady". You can't tell a tree to cast it's shade in another direction- it won't be any different with this shady tree. 

Is it a tough pill to swallow? Yup. Mostly because while I'm feeding it to you, I'm feeding it to myself, too. I have to admit it to myself: I idealize people, I don't always see them the way I should- the way they are. Admittedly , there's been a few times in life where I was the fraud- and then I grew up. What good does it do someone to pretend that they're someone they're not? The truth always surfaces, you always end up showing your true colors, and honestly in the end people just end up getting pist (which for me often results in stalkers...)

Here's a message to all the frauds out there: you know who you are. You're the players who either a) refuse to settle down or b) settle for less because you're too insecure to find someone decent and worthwhile. Newsflash- we see right through you  and your ability to mass text message every girl in your phone. This is to all the broads who've ever screwed over a hard-working dude because you could, or because something better came along. Because you knew exactly how to play  "the games" to get what you want. Reality check, babes- dudes are not as stupid as they let on- they're onto you. And when they're not, they have girls like me to keep them in check. I have nothing to say to the girls except a big *f_ck you!* because these girls ruin it for the good ones like me, and don't even deserve to have the good guys know their name. 

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