Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't judge me

But I'm tipsy and angry and I'm going to need this post to remind me of why I'm deleting Crooks phone number tonight. Screw him and his idiocy! I've allowed him to get away with so much (like I do other guys) because he's my "best friend". Well some best friend he was tonight when I needed a ride home from work and wanted to see him! Some best friend he was all those time he let his friend talk down to me like I'm scum. Screw them Blake! THEY're SCUM. Crooked, trailer-livin, fake scums. Yeah you can rock your louis vuitton loafers but they don't mean NOTHIN if you're livin in some bootleg, boondock, trailer park you jerk! Screw you and that high horse of yours here's a reality check: to be honest, I'm just not that into you either.

Ps- I'm bleaching your Armani exhange hoodie tomorrow :) and even though I love fashion and part of me doesn't want to do it- revenge is sweeter than words can say.

Benzboy drivin off in an altima! Haha who you tryin to kid, kid. You ain't no Benz boy, you're just another wishful thinker. It was silly of me to think I could ever take your jaded self seriously. Go spend another 2 years getting over your ex who screwed you over, cool guy.

Haha ok I'm gonna laugh myself to sleep with this one. Night bloggy peepS!

Mean tipsy Blake

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